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We are very excited to announce a new shop opening in the Autumn. Come and select your bat from a stock of hundreds in a showroom open six days a week.  We are currently in the process of moving, so please bear with us while we get set up in our new premises. We are still able to swiftly process internet and phone orders, but will be unable to accommodate visiting customers for another couple of weeks. Keep checking the website and Facebook for updates, we look forward to seeing you very soon.

You won’t find lots of pictures of international superstars on this site endorsing our product. Instead you will discover hundreds of cricketers enjoying their sport at all levels of the game. This is the world of Willostix, and these are the people who have helped to build it. Welcome. We do not sponsor international players; we therefore do not carry a large financial burden for the privilege. That’s why our range consists of superbly designed beautifully produced products at fair prices. If you’re desperate to give an international player some of your hard earned cash when you buy your next bat you can’t do it at Willostix.

We currently have three first class county players using our kit. If you scroll through the film you will find them amongst the dozens of others who one day will, or one day won’t play at that level. At Willostix all cricketers are equal, both male and female. It’s a great game, it’s an exciting game, and we reckon we’ve got the kit for the future. We hope you agree.

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