About Willostix Cricket Equipment

Willostix is owned and operated by a small group of cricketers who still play cricket every weekend in the season and indeed any other day that they can get away with.

Conceptualised in 2006, in the lounge bar of a pub in rural Kent, the idea was to create a cricket company driven by the needs of the cricketing masses rather than the sponsorship of the elite. Good kit, very good kit at fair prices for players of all ages and both sexes who love playing cricket. Our first bats in 2007 were colourful affairs adorned with the names and pictures of reptiles, snakes and amphibians. They certainly got noticed and those forward thinking folks brave enough to buy one were rewarded with great performance and reliability. In 2008 we became the first company to produce a full set of cricket clothing, tailor-made, for female cricketers including whites and training clothing. 2009 saw the introduction of the first revolutionary, shoulder-less ‘Stick’ bats featuring reshaped blades with super light pick-ups and enormous sweet spots. Also in 2009 Willostix cricket bats won two of the highly regarded All Out Cricket Magazine best bat awards.

In 2010 we exhibited for the first time at the Lords Trade Show and gave the press a first glimpse of the stunning new classic bat range. In 2011 four of our products won awards in the Kit Reviews undertaken by the Wisden Cricketer and All Out Cricket magazine, and the lanch of our Limited Edition Classic range was a huge success.

Back to present day, and the last two years have gone by in a blur of activity with an ever expanding network of retailers and Willostix devotees. In 2013 we added the Spitfire Original and Spitfire Classic to our range to great critical acclaim from the trade press and you lot, the great unwashed. Most notably we have seen some excellent achievements from Willostix players all around the country with fantastic scores coming in every week from young and old alike.

2014 was another very exciting year with our best range yet being used on the battlefields up and down the country.’ 2015 brings a change of premises, allowing our customers to visit us in a dedicated cricket showroom on a shopping high street near Tunbridge Wells. Our improved opening times, mean we anticipate meeting even more Willostix customers than ever before.

At Willostix we refuse to take ourselves too seriously, as you progress through the web site you will see that the copy is not all tech spec like other more traditional cricket companies, but much of it is humorous and written with tongue firmly in cheek. We hope you enjoy it and are encouraged to purchase some of our kit. You won’t be disappointed.

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