Original Spitfire English Willow Cricket Bat

Built from the finest English willow, in the best English factory, by the finest English blokes. Bloomin’ marvellous. The new Spitfire is as glorious as any bat should be that carries such an evocative name. The shape and pick up are superb and the finish is frankly out of this world. We’ve been thinking about building these for a couple of years now and we think it’s been well worth the wait.

Remember, you can pay a lot more for Junkers elsewhere.

Key features:

  • Hand made in England
  • Finest English Willow
  • Excellent weight distribution and light pick up
  • Beautifully hand-tapered blade
  • Made by a man not a machine
  • Excellent weight distribution and light pick up
  • Oval handle
  • Weight range 2lb:8oz- 2lb:14oz
  • Supplied with single grip

What people are saying about us

'The Kent-based firm are a breath of fresh air, a group that is keen to focus on the developing player, rather than those already at the top.' - SkySports.com Locker Room Review November 2010

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Size: SH
Grip: White
Tape: Black

price: £310.00

price: £310.00

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