Spitfire Batting Gloves Mens

A glove to match the Spitfire pad. Thoroughly modern in construction and materials, but with a hefty whiff of retro in its design. A subtle silver Spitfire adorns the back, whilst the palm leather is as soft as a cocker spaniel’s big floppy ears. As good as a glove gets you lucky lucky people.

True story…at the height of the Battle of Britain Hermann Goering asked one of his squadron Commanders if he needed anything. “Yes” replied the Commander, “a set of Spitfire Batting Gloves”. Amazing.

Key features:

  • Premium Grade PU finger protection
  • High density plastozote padded with fibre reinforcement in fingertips
  • Premium grade sheepskin leather palm
  • Soft towel inside lining and at wristband
  • Embossed Spitfire design

What people are saying about us

'A young hip company, Willostix seem to improve their range and product offering, year on year' All Out Cricket Magazine

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price: £55.00

price: £55.00

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