Handmade Willostix Cricket Bats

All Willostix cricket bats are designed at our workshop in Edenbridge, Kent. We select the very best English willow clefts with the highest size to weight ratio as possible and product bats with lovely light pick-ups and big forgiving sweet spots. The same level of care is taken in handle manufacture and our stickers are designed so that the quality of the splice joint is easily seen. We like to show our excellent workmanship.

We don’t believe that grooves and scoops in the back of a cricket bat improve performance, in fact quite the opposite. So we don’t use them. We do however make sure that all our bats have rounded toes, it makes them stronger. Just one other thing before moving on, we take exactly the same approach to the quality of both our senior and junior cricket bats. The full range is show here in more detail; senior sizes first and junior below.


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